CMJ 2009 Interview: A Classic Education

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Brad Kelly

21st October 2009
At 09:51 GMT

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We managed to interview A Classic Education back in March for the SxSW Festival in Texas and though its been seven long months since we last heard from them, they still seem to doing pretty well for themselves.

Hailing from Italy and bringing their soaring experimental indie-rock to New York for the second time in a year, A Classic Education were another band we wanted a quick Q and A with and another who kindly obliged.

Here's what they had to say on New York, brand new material, touring and more.

SG: So you guys came all the way over from Italy for CMJ, that's quite the plane journey. You've been to New York before though haven't you? Are there any places in particular that you're looking forward to re-visiting? Anywhere you can recommend?

Ha, yeah that's why we've crammed 5 shows in 5 days to get the most of it...yeah we came and played a few shows before SxSW this past march. In general I think we love the vibe around clubs like Cake Shop and that whole area in Lower East Side. It's perfect, within walking distance from Chinatown...

SG: It looks like you're playing everyday of the Festival but if you get the time, what will you be doing when you aren't playing?

Don't know really, we were wondering how much time we will have to do other things, I imagine we will be seeing a bunch of shows and trying to get as many culinary experiences as possible! It's too early to go ice-skating right? 

SG: You've got one EP out so far, the 'First EP'. Are there any plans for a full-length? Are you bringing any new or upcoming material to CMJ?

We got a single out this summer "Best Regards" on UK label Bailiwick. We just recorded another in London a few weeks ago and we'd love to get that out soon enough, I think winter is going to be album-recording time, we do have a bunch of songs, we just are trying to decide what is the best way to record them! We will be playing a ton of new stuff at CMJ, mostly new songs.. 

SG: You've been touring since 2007 and you've already played SxSW in Texas before. Do you prefer these types of week long Festival events or the more intimate process of touring solo?

I think for young small bands like us, these things are better, it's great to be able to pick up on the vibe of the festival, see a ton of bands, it's really inspiring too.

SG: There's an absolutely enormous amount of bands playing over the week. Is there anyone in specific that you're looking forward to seeing or have seen before and want to catch again?

We definitely want to try and catch Atlas Sound, Broadcast, The Smith Westerns, Surf City... there are a ton of bands! 

SG: Comparisons and influences are often frivolously tossed around by media websites and magazines when describing up and coming bands. One in particular; 'Arcade Fire' seems to have stuck with you ever since you opened for them. Are you conscious of what others think or say about you in the music world?

Yeah we do look out around the web for reviews and things like that, we are definitely conscious... I think that comparison kind of came from the beginning when we started playing and also just by the fact we have a violin in the band, have a lot of members and stuff like that... 

SG: You recorded your 'Best Regards' 7-inch at Bombanella Studios in Italy which looks very picturesque. Tell us about the experience of recording in such a beautiful and isolated place. 

Wow, that's an amazing place, we recorded there with UK artists Jeremy Warmsley, it was a cold cold November, really dark and foggy, no connection at all with anything else. It really kept us concentrated! 

SG: Is there anyone you've heard throughout 2009 so far that you could recommend to us?

Mmm our pal Banjo Or Freakout is going to eventually get an album done... and it'll be a masterpiece!

SG: Finally, what are your plans for the foreseeable future?

Get this album done! 

A Classic Education: Myspace / LastFM

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