CMJ 2009 Interview: You Scream I Scream

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Gareth Jones

21st October 2009
At 10:20 GMT

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Today we have the privilege of talking to Floyd, a musician that takes music so seriously that he has no home, instead he just tours. CMJ will be the next stop for You Scream I Scream and any one lucky enough to attend the festival will be able to witness the marvelous Floyd slapping the bass in NYC.

Floyd's latest band formed not long ago, with a wide range of musicians all from the New York area and a love for rocking their socks off. With one self-released record out, plenty of interest and more plans for the new year You Scream I Scream are a band to look out for. 

SG: So we understand that you're a relatively new band. When did you form and have you released any material or played many gigs yet?  

Floyd: We have been around for a year and we have played a good number of shows in Northeast America (Boston, NYC, Providence, etc..) Just released a record ourselves in the middle of the summer. The band started when we sent some quirky demos to Chris Ballew, the singer from The Presidents of the United States of America, who then became a fan of the band and he played in the band for part of our set at our first CD release party in July. We just released a new music video (2 weeks ago) for our song "Dog" which is one of our campier tunes. You can see the vid on Youtube as well as other websites like Much Music and to name a few, and at the end of making the video we decided to attach a blurb to it about pet adoption cause we used our band dog Annie Bananas for the filming and a couple of months prior she was homeless wandering the streets in Providence and no one claimed her so now she's in a band.  

SG: The biography on your Myspace  states that "The band consists of artists, actors and actresses, jugglers, professional poker players, stuntmen, unaccomplished musicians and business executives."  Now, not to call you liars.. but how much of that is true?!

Floyd: Yeah that's all true except for the business executive part...oh yeah we are just amateur poker players. But our drummer paints murals and we have a bunch of other people we attach onto the band for videos and shows who do the other stuff. Beyond the core of the group being three we have talented friends we love to have apart of the band for whatever and it keeps things different.

SG: You all live around NYC so making the assumption that you've all been.... What are the city's highlights and downers for you?

Floyd: At the moment I have been bouncing around playing shows with no particular home. Our keyboard player lives in Brooklyn. The city is great for all the things that have made it great, which is contraband and Asian message...oh yeah the pulse.. I know totally cliché  but now I get it after growing up an hour and some outside I think there has always been a magnetic pull to it. Its a great place for music, but I think on the ground level for bands there is an abyss of bands almost to the point where its tough to enjoy them all, but like a lot of other things besides music a lot of great ideas come out of that. One downer is travelling around with your gear but most of the time you get used to it.

SG: Can you tell us a little bit more about your night at CMJ?

Floyd: We are playing Maxwell's in Hoboken. It is the 9th anniversary celebration of the Hip Video who is currently promoting our video. We are playing between some other singers who work with Hip like Val Emmich, Tris McCall and Chris Batten and The Woods we play at 9:30. We have our full stage entourage with us that night! Looking like a seven person + band!!

SG:  Will you be catching any other bands over the week or is time tight?

Floyd: Time is tight that week actually visiting a lot of people which I'm psyched about but I will catch my friends JJ Grey and Mofro at Irving Plaza on the 22nd of Oct. My old band from Boston used to tour with them and they are great people from Jacksonville, FL.

SG: Where could one find you after hours? At a bar? In your van? At your mate's apartment?

Floyd: I rarely plan an afterhours...isn't that what makes it fun, however I have spent time running and jumping into the big piles of garbage bags outside of a building in hopes it becomes an Olympic sport because the training was going well. After playing a show though I either stay out till the next show or fall asleep in the club.

SG: If you had to name the best festival experience of your life, what would it be?

Floyd: I haven't been to many festivals this year just cause of getting the band off the ground. Fun Fun Fun fest in Austin was the best one I've been to recently. My old band used to play a lot of groovy jam band fests in the US. I don't listen to a ton of that music anymore but at the time it was fun to play your set then dive into the whole scene. Some shows we did that would start at 1 or 2am would be a total gas cause everyone would be coo-coo.

SG: What do you hope to achieve in the next year or so? 

Floyd: Release our other videos, start touring the band a bunch and start work on a new record.... maybe we can clone ourselves to do it all at once. We still have a lot more ground to cover with "Bug In a Light" our current record but we want to have a follow up soon.

You Scream I Scream: Myspace

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