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Gavin Riley

04th November 2009
At 22:14 GMT

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If you haven't heard of the band Woods before then fear not, we aren't going to banish you from these pages or condemn you to Hell just yet because honestly, they're really quite a hard band to find out about.

Sure a quick Google search can help you with a Myspace page but physically, the band's actual music is somewhat of a phantom in a host of record-shops and megastores today. You won't be seeing any old material on you local HMV shelves, put it that way.

It's nice to see then, that the band have been chosen as part of a three-pronged Shred Yr Face tour, travelling alongside Espers and the utterly brilliant folksters The Cave Singers. With it being Shred Yr Face Week here at Strange Glue, we decided to sit down with Woods and see what they had to say about their band and it's musical output. 

Here's what the low-fi New Yorkers had to say.

SG: For people that will be hearing you for the first time on this tour, how would you describe your music, where would you say it comes from and where will it go?

Woods: Our music comes from the womb of the heart, from pulling the car door open after 1000 hours, from escaping to the trees from advancing enemies. I’m serious. People always ask where music comes from. The answer is “be silent for a second. Hear that sound? That’s where it all comes from.” Where will it go? All music does is go. The eternal activity. Music is Pure Going. What I want to give to people is the fact of our activity, our lives. Want to know what we feel like just staring into the sky? Listen to the records. 

SG: Did growing up in New York influence your end product?

Woods: Well, yes, but only because you cant walk down the street without being influenced every second. Plus when you say “growing up in New York” it means different things. It’s hard to imagine a more internally different American State. Giant. Mostly rural except for the biggest city in the US. We’re from all over it, the city and the country. Yeah it influenced us, it’s hard to think straight in NYC, unless you want to. The city is a forest. 

SG: You've had four LPs to date and some are surprisingly difficult to find. Are you happy with the underground status you've achieved or is the mainstream somewhat of a temptation the longer you're in the business?

Woods: The underground and the mainstream are all part of the same world. Its up to other people to make the distinction. For us it just playing shows and making records. The underground isn’t something to “get away” from. But we aren’t gonna stop being in the business. We just want people to hear the music, come to the shows. If getting more attention makes it easier to do that, we’ll have that. Simple stuff. 

SG: You're travelling with two other pretty great bands for this Shred Yr Face tour. Who's been the best touring buddies you've ever been paired with? 

Woods: We did a stretch with our pal Kurt Vile on this last US tour. That dude is hilarious. Any record you put on he does air guitar to, and he’s good with impressions. 

SG: Finally, what's happening with Woods in 2010?

A lot of travelling. We’ll probably go to sleep for the holidays, but then its back on the road. Oh and we’re trying to build a tower out of logs in the backyard. It’s easier to get some serious thinking done when you’re 20 feet in the air.

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