SxSW 2009 Preview: Come On Gang!

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SxSW 2009  Come On Gang! 

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Gavin Riley

09th March 2009
At 01:57 GMT

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Come On Gang! are one of the many bands that have been busy over the past few months racking up plenty of gigs in order to raise money to pay their way over to Austin this year.

And with Hinterland and a new EP believed to be in the works, it doesn't get any less hectic for the Scottish band as they attempt to make 2009 their breakthrough year.

We chatted with Mikey from COG! to see how he'll be celebrating the band's first visit to Austin:

1) How many times have you been to SxSW?

Never. This is our first time, new blood.

2) What's the best thing about being in Austin? or if you've not been before.... What are your tourism related plans?

Never been to Austin but I hear that its a real cultural nugget, with some of the friendliest people around. Of course, hosting the incredible SxSW is pretty special in its own right too.

3) Why are you playing SxSW? (Cos we hear the money isn't too good)

We're playing SxSW as its a chance to get out and play our music to a (potentially) much wider audience and meet new people. We're very happy to have been picked to go out representing SCotland's amazing current music scene and, of all the festivals out there, SxSW is definitely top of the list.

4) Who are you showcasing for, and where and when can we expect to see you?

We're playing the Scottish Showcase @ the British Music Embassy (Latitude 30) on March 20th (my birthday) at 14:00 and also playing a Showcase at Friends on 18th March at 20:00 with a bunch of other great bands.

5) Which other bands/artists are you most looking forward to seeing over music week?

Looking forward to seeing We Were Promised Jetpacks and Dananananackroyd the most, have still to take a highlighter to the whole list of bands!

6) Will you visit the Film or Interactive sections of SxSW this year? Or is time tight?

Time is tight, but we'd be keen to check out the Interactive festival if at all possible, music distribution's changing all the time and it might be a good idea to check out some new alternatives.

7) What does the rest of 2009 hold for you?

Its still early, but when we come back from SxSW we're releasing our 3rd single in April, playing a Scottish festival called Hinterland and then touring the single until summer. We have alot of people to meet during SxSW, so that will no doubt help fill our calendar a little once we return. The summer will hopefully be all about more festivals and we hope to release our debut album in October.

Come On Gang!: Myspace


18 Mar 2009 - SXSW Showcase @ Friends Austin
20 Mar 2009 - SXSW Scottish Showcase @ British Music Embassy (Latitude 30°) Austin

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