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09th March 2009
At 17:53 GMT

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Mike Badger has been playing music for a seriously long amount of time. He formed The Onsets in 1988 and the Kachinas in 1996. He's now back with a host of new albums which feature an array of Badger's musical friends which due this year as well as a confirmed slot at the SxSW Festival in Texas.

Strange Glue decided to hunt the man down and throw a few SxSW oriented questions at him and here's what he had to say.


1) How many times have you been to SxSW?

This is my very first time!

2) What's the best thing about being in Austin? or if you've not been before.... What are your tourism related plans?

I'm looking forward to the whole thing a couple of gigs in NYC beforehand and check out my 2 hour Radio Show -Liverpool music special on Atlantic Tunnel -E. Village Radio - Streamed online 7-9 UK time Sun15th March, live from NY then I play The Living Room (15th March also) I'm looking forward to playing the Festival-. Seeing lots of bands having fun and hanging out in a very cool place!

3) Why are you playing SxSW? (Cos we hear the money isn't too good)

I'm relaunching my musical career if you like. It's something in me that I feel I still haven't quite achieved on a personal level. I love writing songs and expressing myself and for a long time I've kept it to myself- Part through circumstances part by design - Anyway - here I come with The Ten Commandments of Rock!

4) Who are you showcasing for, and where and when can we expect to see you?

SXSW Stephen F's Bar: Top of the bill at 1am 20th March ( I fly into Texas on my birthday from NY!)

5) Which other bands/artists are you most looking forward to seeing over music week?

I hope to catch a lot on speck- There's so many playing- I like to see some real country music , But I will catch fellow Liverpool bands-The Lost Boys and the Wave Machines!

6) Will you visit the Film or Interactive sections of SxSW this year? Or is time tight?

That's before I arrive.

7) What does the rest of 2009 hold for you?

I have just released an album' mike Badger's Country Side' which is doing well and later in the year is The release of a new album -Honky Tonk Angels on Motorbikes (generator 13)-Much more playing live and touring more.Come and see me if you can I'll try hard to make it worth your while! Peace and Thanks Mike

Further Information:

  Mike Badger: Myspace / Official Site

VIDEO: Mike Badger And The Onset - Rhapsody


March 20 - SxSW Showcase // Stephen F's Bar, Austin // 01:00

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