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SxSW 2009  Nacional 

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Brad Kelly

11th March 2009
At 10:46 GMT

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For those of you who have already stumbled upon Nacional's music will know of its Indie catchiness but for those of you who have yet to stumble, SxSW will be the perfect time for you to make that trip [Ed: get it?...].

We managed to chat briefly with the Glaswegians before they hopped on the Texas-bound plane and you can see the interview just below. Have fun tripping.


1) How many times have you been to SxSW?

Nowt' I'm muchly afraid, however we are really buzzing about this and heard loadsa good things about the festival!! We maybe popping our SXSW cherry this year but I'm convinced it'll be the first of many. 

2) What's the best thing about being in Austin? or if you've not been before.... What are your tourism related plans?

We're staying with some friends who are Austin natives so I'm sure they'll point us in the right direction for the sounds and sights of the city. To be honest we just wanna get involved with the festival and the party as much as possible and bring a bit of Glasgow and Yorkshire to Texas!! Buckfast wine and BBQ's will go hand in hand elegantly.

3) Why are you playing SxSW? (Cos we hear the money isn't too good)

It's not but sometimes money is not the be all and end all. We're gathering all our loose change together to head out there but it'll be something we'll remember to our grave. I can always say wow... I played SXSW!!

4) Who are you showcasing for, and where and when can we expect to see you?

Nacional shall be performing and dancing rigid at WAVE on the Wednesday 18th March at 11pm and I can guarantee sparks will fly. We'll also be popping up on a few other lineups so keep yer eyes peeled!

5) Which other bands/artists are you most looking forward to seeing over music week?

There's tonnes and tonnes of stuff but I'm really excited about seeing Casiotone For The Painfully Alone. My girlfriend got me into the songs about a year ago and it's more or less just one guy on a cheap keyboard BUT it works so so well. I hope he plays the song about spending Christmas in St Paul's... the lyrics are genius. I'm also keen on seeing The Hold Steady, Trail of Dead and fellow Brits FOUND. To be honest though, like Glastonbury last summer, the best things will be the stuff we stumble upon accidentally. I'm quite a laid back individual so I won't be marching around Austin regimentally following a time-sheet! 

6) Will you visit the Film or Interactive sections of SxSW this year? Or is time tight? 

We'll be there for a week so hopefully yeah, we wanna sink in everything from SXSW for sure... the full experience! Everyone loves fims right? I'm the same.

7) What does the rest of 2009 hold for you? 

2009's gonna be a big year for Nacional, we're already buckled in to enjoy the ride! SXSW is already proving to be a massive springboard for us even before we've got on the plane so it's definitely showing us how big a milestone the festival is gonna be for us. We wanna get more financial backing and start touring, do the festivals then maybe release our debut album. It's already written and I reckon it'll cause shockwaves in the industry so we're biding our time in releasing it. I'm so proud of it and can't wait to get it out there.

Further Information:

  Nacional: Myspace

VIDEO: Nacional - Telephone


March 18 - SxSW Showcase // The Wave, Austin // 23:00
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