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SxSW 2009  Oh No Not Stereo 

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Gareth Jones

17th March 2009
At 15:33 GMT

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Oh No Not Stereo spawned from a music store in Hollywood when Skyler Nielson and Mycul Lee met while shopping for some new CD's back in '03.

Since then these imaginative young chaps have released three albums and one E.P named 001,002,003 and as you probably guessed.... 004! The two Californians wanted to provide the world with a two piece set-up that delivers 'a full conventional sound', a sound that has flooded the American scene with infectious riffs and creative melodic tunes. For that reason we had to talk to Skyler about SxSW....


1) How many times have you been to SxSW?

This is our fourth time playing the SxSW festival and we're looking forward to it being the biggest and best one yet.

2) What's the best thing about being in Austin? or if you've not been before.... What are your tourism related plans?

Aside from the amazing fact that Austin is referred to as 'Music City USA' and that the dedicated traffic lane on 6th street says 'MUSICIAN PARKING ONLY,' I would have to say the best thing about Austin/SxSW is how many people attend from all around the world. It's guaranteed to be a kick-ass time when England, New York, Los Angeles and all the other major music markets all grow legs and congregate in Austin for a week.

3) Why are you playing SxSW? (Cos we hear the money isn't too good)

It's definitely not about the money when you have such a gigantic opportunity to make thousands of new fans by just being in the right place at the right time. Bands who go to the festival to hang out in hotel rooms and not network are, in my opinion, wasting their time. The biggest pay-off is networking and giving away promotional material... SPREADING THE WORD.

4) Who are you showcasing for, and where and when can we expect to see you?

See Below

5) Which other bands/artists are you most looking forward to seeing over music week?

I look forward to running into bands that we didn't even know were there. It's so hard to make a schedule of events to hit during the festival because things happen so quickly there, and plans constantly change.

6) Will you visit the Film or Interactive sections of SxSW this year? Or is time tight?

Not particularly. We just usually stick to the venues and bars on and around 6th street. We have attended several private parties and unsanctioned events that are fused with film aspects of the festival, who knows.

7) What does the rest of 2009 hold for you?

We are gonna be touring relentlessly throughout the rest of the year, in promotion of our new record (003) that comes out March 10th. We have two music videos that are almost ready to be released (around the same time as the album) and are very anxious to spread the worldwide word about our new music!!!

Further Information

Oh No Not Stereo: Myspace / Official Website



18 March - Music Gym (patio) // 21:00PM
20 March - Black & Tan for Viper Room Showcase // 16:30PM
21 March - The Thirsty Nickel Red Gorilla Showcase // 22:30PM

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