65 Days of Static Live @ Latitude Festival

Written By:

Ross Riley

24th July 2009
At 20:12 GMT

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Bureaucracy has it seems killed another nerve ending on the synapses of culture. 65 Days of Static have been restricted to 94 decibels of output and this is all because you need undamaged hearing for listening to the dear leader Gordon Brown.

At least that's the (conspiracy) theory of 65 Days of Static, they do try to circumvent the rules by producing a show that dances around the limits of acceptable noise whilst mixing in enough energy to blow away any cobwebs of serenity.

It's almost impossible to absorb their expansive brilliance in a short 35 minute set, this is after all a band that make longer and more captivating intros than most artists make tracks, but as a small taster course it serves as a visceral reminder of the quality of their live performances.

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