ATP Vs. Fans Live: HEALTH

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HEALTH  ATP The Fans Strike Back 

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Gavin Riley

09th May 2009
At 16:18 GMT

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If this year's first ATP festival started off with a bit of a whimper, HEALTH well and truly kicked proceedings off with a resounding burst of noise-rock.

Flailing limbs, on their knees pummelling floor-tom, HEALTH ooze stage presence as they confront the throngs.

They all feed off each others dynamic energy, playing their guitars in rapid succession with each other. When vocalist Benjamin breaks away from vocal duties, he'd leave the others to battle willingly with each other for prominence.

The noise that this band produce is extraordinary, over-powering even. They use their microphone to generate a massive output of feedback, particularly on their older songs.

Live Pics:

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