ATP Vs. Pitchfork Live: Dirty Projectors

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Gavin Riley

13th May 2008
At 14:20 GMT

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Dave Longstreth, frontman of the Dirty Projectors, is the kind of person you'd expect to see if Ace Ventura: Pet Detective had formed a band.

An enigma of massive proportions, Longstreth repeatedly strains his neck to the cacophony of noise generated by his band.

Much of the material on offer tonight, comes from the recent 'Rise Above' LP, an album Longstreth made "of Black Flag songs reimagined from memory."

And Longstreth certainly succeeds in capturing the attention of his loyal audience, although we were disappointed that at the end of the set he didn't say: "If I'm not back in five minutes... just wait longer".

Live Pics from the Show

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