Field Day 2009 Live: Errors

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Alice Shyy

03rd August 2009
At 22:23 GMT

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A Dispatch from the Field (Day): Real Thoughts in Real-time

from          Alice Shyy
date          Field Day 2009 at 1.50PM
subject      the only Error would be NOT BEING RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW.

Errors is most-buzzed band amongst the artists. Man, do they deserve it. They rip into heavy hitting post-electro and it summons the rain clouds. But let it rain-this set is perfect for a tempest.

Kudos to the lead Error for his cutesy Scot-accented banter and his Smithsonian space institute t-shirt sourced straight from my wardrobe as an 8-year-old tomboy. I don't care how early or sober, with music this good, there should be more dancing. Dance, fools, dance! Best line ever said by a human being into a mike--re: a stuffed toy thrown onstage: “I recognise this penguin.” Solid gold, all of it.

Photos courtesy of Ashley Gordon

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