Field Day 2009 Live: Mogwai

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Mogwai  Field Day 

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Alice Shyy

05th August 2009
At 16:40 GMT

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A Dispatch from the Field (Day): Real Thoughts in Real-time

from       Alice
date        Field Day 2009 at 9.10PM
subject    mogWOW

An otherworldly chorus of what could be a thousand Mew frontmen streams out over an aggressive smoke n' strobes show. this is it! this is the big ticket!  but my, these fellas are gooood. drunk blokes keep yelling out "MOGWAIIIIIIII!!!" ... post-lad rock?

the set is less moody and oppressive than 'auto rock,' though it'd be cool to hear it live. they sound... optimistic! perfect for the calm after the day's storm! yes yes, mogwai have brought an end to all rains and sadness! and they herald us as heroes emerging through the trials of weather wars and faulty personal electronics!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------28 minutes

okay, it's blasphemy to go try see mystery jets right now. really? leave the apocalypse unfolding before your very eyes? whoaaa there's 2nd-hand smoke comin from 5 ways around me. well life is short--mogwai.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7 minutes

ok yeah i understand not everyone can appreciate greatness when it's kicking you in the nads, but HUSH UP so i can hear my TUNE.

"Friend of the Night." wow i think everyone in the audience just came a little. collective afterglow lights up the night's energy levels.  oh, toumani please still be playing when this ends!  we can't leave. can't. won't.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6 minutes

AUTO ROCK. my life is MADE

ppl are just throwing shiz in the air, they're so happy. ah blind me with your awesome light mogwai yes yes yes i say yes i say INVINCIBLE.


Photos courtesy of Ashley Gordon

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