Field Day 2009 Live: Plugs

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Field Day  Plugs 

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Alice Shyy

03rd August 2009
At 23:29 GMT

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A Dispatch from the Field (Day): Real Thoughts in Real-time

from      Alice Shyy
date      Sat, Field Day, 2009 at 2:44PM
subject  plug it in/fire it up

plugs just asked us to scream the loudest 'FUCK' we've ever said. Yes ok, gladly! FUUUUUCK!!! ...All right peeps, that was pathetic-wake the f up, plugs are on fire! The sound in the AITBF tent is better now, guess frontman Mo had a word with the tech about that loud buzzy subwoofer. Oooh it hurts us but we must leave for final fantasy. But there are some dapper gents in jackets dancing and singing along - it's straight-boy dance rock, I like it. The day is warming up just fine now, thank you plugs xx

Photos courtesy of Ashley Gordon

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