Field Day 2009 Live: Toumani Diabate

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Field Day  Toumani Diabate 

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Alice Shyy

05th August 2009
At 16:53 GMT

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A Dispatch from the Field (Day): Real Thoughts in Real-time

from        Alice
date        Field Day 2009 at 10.22PM
subject    BEST. CLOSER. EVER.

All right, TD, we've delayed this dance long enough. and yes, it can be a slow jam.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------30 seconds

jaw. drop. all right, no slow jam but the most delirium-inducing, fast-pickin, mind-exploding malinese neo-traditional music i've heard hands down hands down hands down.

ok, mogwho? i would gladly live the rest of my life in this sing-along song. OMG I CANNOT stop singing and clapping, and neither can anyone else!

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9 minutes

this is un. be. lie. va. ble. the crowd refuses to stop singing the phrase toumani and his band taught us! if they can't give us an encore, we'll make one ourselves! we make such a scene that TD comes back out to take a bow for us. could there be a more epic feel-good festie ender? not. on. yr. life. field day 2010 in mali, everyone?

Photos courtesy of Ashley Gordon

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