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Invada Invasion  Thought Forms 

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David Morris

01st October 2009
At 00:53 GMT

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I could hear the grand-meandering bombast of Thought Forms before I was within sight of the entrance to Colston Hall; like many bands they played in the foyer of the recently renovated building (looks to me like they made the nice old stairs look new and ugly…). The glass fronting did little to contain their noise, it spilled out like hot guts.

I got to the door, got rather excited, then got told that I had to use the backdoor like some kind of second rate citizen. I hotfooted my way around, nipped down the stairs and took my place in the ranks.

They began the one night extravaganza with abundant energy, a quality that characterised the majority of the bands handpicked by Geoff Barrow to play under his Invada banner, a name he also uses for the fledgling label which has just released the Thought Forms debut album.

Neither their riffs nor their overall approach were particularly original to these ears (many bring up MBV and Sonic Youth), but the sonic elements of the trio were augmented by youthful passion. Their vigour and naked enthusiasm for playing were essential to my enjoyment. Being of a generation that has grown up with a long and varied history of drone appearing in popular music they clearly feel comfortable and entirely un-self-conscious incorporating such elements. Fortunately they don’t pretend to be pioneers, these are a set of sounds that they have borrowed to play with and their capability bodes well for the future of the band, as does their lack of conceit.

Although it was easy to immerse myself in the music (buried in the distortion, nodding to the groove, giving the eerie vocals the keys to my imagination and having the images shattered by the powerful drumming) I could have just as easily walked away from it. But that being said I intend to see them again; this set has marked them as a band to look out for.

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