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65DaysOfStatic  Leeds 2009 

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Aidan Williamson

02nd September 2009
At 22:17 GMT

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We had been warned as to what to expect from a show by the experimental post-rock band from Sheffield. It'd be a pretty poor continuation of that first sentence if we didn't say something now which implied that our expectations were dwarfed in some way.

There was a news item a few months ago which compared the rock drummer to an athlete, saying that they exerted much the same level of energy and needed immense amounts of stamina to perform. 65's Rob Jones would leave them all collapsed at the starting line.

A flurry of limbs is all you see of him for most of the band's performance, taking up complex, staggering rhythms which most bands would simply leave to the drum machine. Yet his style is never showy, always perfectly suited to the mood and desired intensity of the moment.

With all the genius on display, the band's placement was somewhat puzzling. Placed between boyband-emo fringe enthusiasts Go:Audio and kid-metal outfit Atreyu there appeared to be little potential for audience crossover. Our suspicions were confirmed when during Go:Audio, one overly-enthusiastic yawn would get you on a register. Five minutes later, the smell of hair dye was gone: replaced entirely by vast hordes of seriously looking men in their mid-twenties.

Receiving Strange Glue's award for band of the festival is no simple task. Yet if it were a tangible object, it would be standing on their mantle-piece this very second.

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