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Frank Turner  Leeds 2009 

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Aidan Williamson

02nd September 2009
At 22:18 GMT

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It must be our fifth time with Monsieur Frank Turner this year, but the appeal of his folkish charms never wanes. We don't even miss Million Dead so much anymore.

On the Radio 1 stage again for his umpteenth consecutive appearance at Reading & Leeds, Turner starts events by informing the crowd that this is the first time that he's played the Leeds leg first. This is understandably a good thing, because as everyone knows, there's nothing worse than going last.

While the crowd were tepid on the occasions where sing-alongs were scarce as soon as people knew the words, they were accompanying him with the fever of a small child who's just found the Disney channel with bouncing ball karaoke.

"The Queen Is Dead" was, as always, an emotional highlight of the set. "Substitute" elicited possibly the best reaction of the night.

Through finding a gently observant and always wry insight into British culture, Turner has fashioned himself into a bona fide champion of the people who is never aloof: always part of the group which he both leads and follows. Our very own Ouroboros.

This is what the punk spirit is all about. Who cares if it's folk music.

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