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Radiohead  Leeds 2009 

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Aidan Williamson

02nd September 2009
At 22:25 GMT

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Leeds got screwed. Let's just put that one out there right from the outset. Why? Besides the fact it's also nearer to Liverpool than Reading, there were more Radiohead-themed reasons for the declaration.

Eschewing the usual practice of retaining the same setlist for both legs of the festival, Radiohead saw fit to bless Reading with all the favourites and leave Leeds with everything else.

So while the Southern leg got the likes of "Karma Police", "Exit Music (For a Film)", "Creep" and "Street Spirit" the Northerners got none of the above.

In spite of this, the familiar reams of praise are still going to stream and every ounce of them is thoroughly deserved. If it is indeed possible, it was as if the two hour set was too short a time for the band. Their mesmerising effect being able to carry to 2 hours 30 easily, maybe 2:40 if there's nothing good on TV.

Worth every penny of their appearance fee for Festival Republic and worth every second spent shivering in the rain jockeying for position against legions of adoring fans crushing the very breath from your lungs. It's a win-win for everybody: except maybe the asthmatics.

  • 1. 15 Step
  • 2. Airbag 
  • 3. There There
  • 4. All I Need 
  • 5. Lucky
  • 6. Nude
  • 7. Morning Bell 
  • 8. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
  • 9. 2+2=5
  • 10. A Wolf At The Door 
  • 11. Videotape 
  • 12. (Nice Dream) 
  • 13. The Gloaming
  • 14. Reckoner
  • 15. The National Anthem 
  • 16. Bodysnatchers 
  • 17. Idioteque 
  • --------------------------------------
  • 18. You and Whose Army? 
  • 19. These Are My Twisted Words 
  • 20. Jigsaw Falling Into Place 
  • 21. Paranoid Android 
  • 22. Just
  • 23. Everything In Its Right Place

Photo: Al Green

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