Photos, Live: Kings Of Leon @ Manchester Central

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Dylan Smith

10th December 2007
At 19:23 GMT

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When you can sell out a large capacity venue in a relatively short space of time you're definitely doing something right.

With three albums - each as strong as the previous - Kings of Leon have gone from strength to strength.

In doing so they have kept a firm hold of old fans as well as pulling in many new ones along the way. Providing the night's support was Atlanta's Manchester Orchestra. Opening with the track Wolves taken from their newly released debut "I'm Like a Virgin Losing a Child' they gave a sound, solid performance, showing they definitely have a lot to offer.

Manchester Orchestra 01Manchester Orchestra 02

It has to be said however that the crowd present were sadly unresponsive to the band's charms, bar a little head nodding and foot tapping here and there. This hit home when the majority of the crowd turned round to watch a girl on the shoulders of a guy getting told off by a bouncer rather than watching MO burst into chorus. Not to take credit away from a great all round performance with plenty of passion though, but maybe Manchester were expecting the local town conductor, tenor and cellist?

Manchester Orchestra 03

Leaving behind the bad puns derived from the support act's name, on came the main attraction, to the sound of women screaming with a volume which would make Westlife jealous. They played a perfect blend of songs from their entire catalogue with a passion and energy - stopping only to take in shots of Jamesons washed down with cherry Powerade - which ensured no one was going to leave disappointed.

Kings of Leon 01Kings of Leon 02

Fully equipped with backdrop and border of huge screens round the stage and the best usage of disco balls in recent memory, the entertainment factor was high across the whole periphery. Front-man Caleb Followill's voice seemed to get better with time and strain, setting things up for a perfect finish, courtesy of KoL's latest release "Charmer".

Kings of Leon 03
Kings of Leon 04

All in all a great night of music, rounded off with a rather unexpected hundred strong chant of "There's only one Ricky Hatton" upon leaving the venue.

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