Photos, LIVE Review: 65daysofstatic @ Exeter Phoenix

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Gavin Riley

19th May 2007
At 22:04 GMT

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Last night 65daysofstatic looked at their computer, gave it a prod, did a system reboot, stared quizzically at each other, but still blew the crowd away with their brand of progressive experimental rock.

They were joined at the Phoenix by two acts who couldn't be more different. Fellow Sheffield act, The Mirimar Disaster opened the night with their unashamed hardcore take no prisoners approach, and Josh T. Pearson was the second act on the bill, with his country and blues anthems.


Starting off the gig was the Mirimar Disaster, very much like 65DOS, only with a screaming vocalist. We couldn't agree whether 'Stocky' as he's called, adds or detracts from the music. On the face of it, at a 65DOS gig, probably not, but chuck em into a Hundred Reasons bash, and they might be onto a winner. Superb musically, no shortage of noise, and a healthy variety of tracks set the scene for for the bands above them.


So up came the man who looked like he'd been dragged through a cross between hell and an X-Factor competition for Kings of Leon contestants. First impressions though, are hardly ever right.

Again, a good cross-section of songs warmed the crowd up, sold a few CD's with a performance full of wit, self-deprecation and some darn good tunes. Getting the audience to sing a rendition of "the Devil's on the run/so lets go have some fun." - always a plus.


The main event quickly followed, and 65daysofstatic didn't fail to disappoint. Starting off with a track from their second LP, 'Await Rescue', they promptly and undeniably rose to the occasion. If you've not heard 65DOS before then what the hell are you doing, but they play instrumental rock songs, so although no vocals, a dialogue with the crowd is very necessary. And they kept this up introducing 'Slomo' from the Mirimar Disaster to help on drums and then by lambasting a fan for shouting down his mobile phone. Some people are so rude.




So they continued, performing the likes of 'Wax Future' and 'Japan', and a sterling rendition of 'Retreat, Retreat'. A good mix from their three studio LP's until the computer problems struck. It didnt stop the encore minus all the electronic elements, but that didn't matter, because by the time anybody had realised, 65daysofstatic had waved goodbye to Exeter, well on their way to superstardom.





The Mirimar Disaster: Myspace - Website (Down at the moment)

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