Photos, LIVE Review: New Pornographers @ 93 Feet East

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Gavin Riley

26th June 2007
At 00:18 GMT

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Often referred to as a "supergroup", the New Pornographers showed why they are just plain super, at the final gig of three that took place in London late last week.

The New Pornographers have carved out a prominent niche with their brand of power pop, and they were joined onstage tonight by the Little Ones who were a match, at least in terms of vitality.

Hailing from L.A, the band wore an infectious smile as they strut the stage playing their sunny up-tempo tunes.


Tracks like 'Lovers Who Uncover' were receptively taken in by the sell out crowd, who were encouraged to clap along.



A rather short set, possibly due to the sweltering heat was concluded, with the band handing over to the New Porno's.

And so came perhaps Vancouver's greatest. They had played London for two nights previously and lead singer Carl Newman noted that they "must love London".

Unfortunately, as is now the custom, Neko Case and Dan Bejar rarely tour with the New Porno's, having much to do with their solo projects. And it was the same in case (no pun intended) tonight, with Kathryn, now a fully fledged member of the band taking care of her own backing vocals and those of Case.

And whisper it quietly, but the Immaculate Machine starlet does the job perhaps a little better. Immensely talented as evidenced with her own band, the on stage banter with her Uncle Carl makes the perfect live formation, within an instant all missing members are quickly forgotten.


Despite the regularity of their shows, Carl still manages to make a few mistakes, but again, they were quickly taken care of thanks to the impromptu banter with Kathryn at one point telling her Uncle that he hasn't taken enough pot to sort his head out.


One of the things that hits you if ever you are lucky to see the New Pornographers, is the raw emotion put into each show. Both Carl and Kathryn keep their eyes closed during much of the performance, and it truly keeps each show extra special.


The final song (before encore) was the breathtaking 'The Bleeding Heart Show', and Blaine got out another in a long line of instruments to augment a classic show.

The New Pornographers continue to take the world by storm, we haven't had time to discuss Carl asking if we get The Simpsons on telly "over here" and also slighting the Welsh population with his Welsh impersonations of Gorky's Zycotic Mynci, but the crowd didn't care, and neither should you. See them soon, before they get too super.

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