Simian Mobile Disco: Live @ Roundhouse, London

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Alice Shyy

30th July 2009
At 17:37 GMT

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iTunes is throwing us a free party, and it makes us wanna cheer!  So, let's give it up:

Three cheers for legendary venue The Roundhouse!
Three cheers for legendary venue-worthy sound system quality!
Three cheers for support act Gold Panda's well-executed, metallic yet warm, gilded yet mammalian math-synth!
Three cheers for Gold Panda's little panda hat (complete with ears)!
Three cheers for Gold Panda getting ferried away on the back of a man in a giant full-body panda suit!
Three cheers for sweet anticipation of Simian Mobile Disco!
Three cheers for smoke machines!
Three cheers for lasers!
Three cheers for laser sounds!
Three cheers for Simian (monkey-like motions from Jas Shaw and James Ford)!
Three cheers for Mobile (Jas and James running around their decks to take turns facing the audience)!
Three cheers for Disco (or is it more House/Drum & Bass/looped inane vocal lines laced with noise?)!
Three cheers for well-intentioned if awkward dancing whilst encumbered with messenger bags/totes/bike helmets/extremely limited personal space!
Three cheers for the generosity of modern youths (i.e. getting offered "uppers" by 16 year olds)!
Three cheers for the efficacy of the "really, buddy--you think you're staying here?" look to get tall people who have moved in front of you to keep shuffling!
Three cheers for beer spilled by tall shufflers on our nice shoes drying quickly!
Three cheers for outer space!
Three cheers for inner ears!
Three cheers for Simian Mobile Disco coming forward to applaud their wildly appreciate audience!
Three cheers for mass confusion when the encore of an amped-up "I Believe" fizzles out into anti-climactic darkness... only to revive with reinvigorated beats per minute in a white flash of mass ecstasy... only to blitz out in an overly-climactic, blippy static during which SMD exit, resulting again in mass confusion!
Three cheers for... iTunes?  Corporate brainwashing?  Oh whatever, three cheers for good times! 

Kudos to SMD for maintaining some modicum of respectability despite the loudness of commercial packaging, but we look forward to seeing them at a gig that doesn't feel like Fabric night club exceeded its fire safety limit. To reference Simian's fast forthcoming album, the night is a "temporary pleasure" - and we'll take it gladly when it's free! Some of us enjoyed ourselves so much that we may even sport the tacky iTunes lanyards in fond remembrance of indie label Wichita Records' golden monkeys. That was the goal, right?

Live Pics Courtesy of Annique Delphine:

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