SxSW 2008 Live: Los Campesinos

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Aidan Williamson

18th March 2008
At 15:07 GMT

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Rather aptly, "The Parish" is possibly the reddest venue throughout all of the 80+ South by South-West official establishments. Red also represents passion, danger, anger and lust. All four of these were also present tonight.

Taking to the stage wearing a Mika Miko T-Shirt honouring the Californian underground punk band (and decidedly not the annoying London based singer) their diminutive frontman had no trouble leading the seven piece (with drummer only within range of telescopes) into a well-received and cohesive live set.

Whether due to them, or the band(s) before them, Los Campesinos were running short on time leading them to threatening a "medley" performance of their biggest hits at the conclusion of their set. Although that would of been interesting, they still found time to play what the crowd wanted to hear.

"You! Me! Dancing!" was the favourite, and played penultimately with "Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks" sending the kids on their way to the final hours of the festival.

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