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Ross Riley

15th March 2008
At 18:57 GMT

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There's been a whiff of a Scottish takeover this year at South By Southwest. With Frightened Rabbit making waves along with Sons & Daughters we headed to the Wave Rooftop for another Caledonian band Make Model.

Make Model follow the recent lineage of Scottish indie bands, almost twee vocals mixed with the occasional burst of guitar noise, the band have a good talent for winning over an assembled crowd.

The audience is small tonight, reaching Wave Rooftop involves fighting your way through the main venue which tonight is home to a middle aged metal band, finding a hidden staircase which opens into a small upper room.

Make Model struggle to make themselves heard over the sound from downstairs, an unfortunate scheduling decision for a band that specialise in subtle and tuneful music.

Make Model are definitely a band to watch out for this year, next month they release 'The LSB' which goes down really well with the audience today, the applause lingers just a little longer than normal the sign of a successful performance.

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