SxSW 2009 Live: Oh No, Not Stereo!

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SxSW 2009  Oh No Not Stereo 

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Aidan Williamson

19th March 2009
At 20:45 GMT

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Smiling faces on a stage are a rarity during SxSW. Often we're presented with a choice between forceful disdain or relative disinterest in an effort for band's to come off as "genuine".

Power-rock band Oh No, Not Stereo! are very much here to have a good time. Arming themselves at the patio of the Music Gym, their every silence is punctuated by the roar of the band playing inside the building not six feet away from the stage.

"Hey, those guys sound pretty good, maybe we should all go watch them instead!" shouted Mykul Lee to the crowd. His enthusiasm for the other band extended to his taking his wireless guitar, running up the stairs and dashing inside the other venue to see what they were doing - all while playing the chords to the song his band were in the middle of.

Live Pics:

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