SxSW 2011: David Thomas Broughton

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Alice Shyy

31st May 2011
At 08:55 GMT

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David Thomas Broughton: The Local Showcase, 18th Floor at the Hilton Garden Inn

The Note Well SXSW Friendship Chronicles

Without a doubt, David Thomas Broughton’s performance is the most singular thing I see at SXSW. It is moving, funny, surreal, genuine. He is a natural at contrition--with talent that seems to make making pretty sounds come easily to him, he challenges the audience by challenging himself. Sam of sam amidon (another fine performer and recording artist) advised me not to miss David. I am about as grateful for Sam’s tip as I am for Sam's talent.

Most intriguing to me are David’s appeals to his friends to become a part of his show--roaming offstage with his autodidact guitar and his facile voice, he confronts other musicians in the room--Sam Amidon and Josh T. Pearson included--and stares and sings and stares at them until lo, and behold! they sing back.

It is a delicate thing, this show. I have no pictures, because I haven’t the disengagement or disrespect to take them. I have no more words, because the nuances of what we see belongs to those of us on the 18th floor of the Hilton Garden Inn during this hour. But what I do have is the gift that Sam gave me, which I will now heartily pass on: “Go see David. He is amazing.”

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