Ten Years Of ATP: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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Alice Shyy

22nd December 2009
At 00:46 GMT

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But golly goodness, that Karen O is a cheeky little hoyden if there ever was one! She keeps us waiting for over a half an hour, during which, we'll admit, we are not on our best behaviours (didn't our mothers tell us not to boo the nice bands, no matter how long overdue?).

Still, there is no reason why the young lady should come to our parlour so noticeably and so unbecomingly under the influence. One must never indulge in too much cherry cordial before a visit, tsk, tsk.

Taking the stage with such swearing as we shan't repeat directed at her poor audience is certainly remiss. And ye gads, the lass spits up water all over her nice Elmo-pelt dress! Good grief, we do hope that the photographers on whom she fiercely upsets a bottle of bubbly do not have their most expensive lenses out upon point of contact - wasn't she ever told to respect other people's belongings? We find watching her carouse about emitting copious false climax noises and performing oral pleasure on her microphone neither titillating nor pleasant. Perhaps her confidence in being able to perform her band's debut long player, “Fever to Tell,” in its entirety encourages her impudence in behaving like a charred tart.

It's such a pity, for we all thought her a promising talent, and we expected so much in hearing a breakthrough record brought to life! We have long been hooked on the opening strains of “Rich,” but the beauty in the record's dynamic space between whispers and yowling is smothered in Karen's now-clumsy gristle. Miss O, we appreciate your caution-to-the-wind rock superstar approach, but gone is the good taste in which you veritably lose your marbles in the studio! Heaven forbid this be misconstrued as bragging, but we can be certain that we've sounded better attempting “Maps” on Rock Band.

The good folks back home will be disappointed that the songs sound charmless and alarming, as we witness Karen go cheese-grater feral and the highly capable band are upstaged by her fame-grabbing tantrums. We feel more than a little abused that this Karen O utilises us for a public self-satisfaction session, as it appears that she is not performing for us - she is performing for herself. It's one thing to act a glorious mess for the kids, it's another to disrespect everyone including yourself with such a sloppy showing. For shame, Karen O, for shame.

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