The KIlls: Live At La Tulipe, Montreal

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The Kills 

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Brad Kelly

13th May 2009
At 01:24 GMT

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The Horrors take to the stage and within minutes we all set off toward the bar, ignoring the drawling music behind us and letting the younger crowd get their indie-fix for the night. From a-far, they look like pre-pubescent hair monsters twitching on stage and playing some of the most uninspired noise we've heard this side of Bowling For Soup.

As the lights close on the freaky five-some, we take our places and wait, and though it's already nearing 11.00pm; we're still wide-eyed and elated, patiently twiddling our thumbs, wondering when the band we've all come to see will finally show themselves.

The warm, stuffy atmosphere erupts with applause as two people take to the stage and look out toward the crowd. "Bonjour!" shouts Alison Mosshart, one half of the female/male duo and without another moments notice, the entire venue is filled with loud, fuzzy, guitar-driven rock. Mosshart circles her microphone-stand and prowls the stage like a lioness, never standing still, always dancing and always singing. 

Though she definitely holds the crowd well and becomes the main focus of entertainment for the night, that's not to say that other half of the band and male member James Hince doesn't impress either as he most certainly does. Lifting his guitar to his face and acting like he's looking down the sight of a gun, the man still continues to play the instrument as he "fires" at Mosshart and the crowd. Sure it's silly but it's a nice touch and though he doesn't hold the same passion Mosshart seems to ooze, he does a good job of keeping up with her wild theatrics. 

Sharing microphones now, Mosshart grabs Hince's hair and rubs his face as she squeals her beautifully suited vocals above the Americana guitar-riffs and invisible, ever so basic percussion (emanating from a pre-programmed drum machine behind Hince). 

The band's music is simple but effective and their timing is impressive considering that in the main, they only use one guitar (two at times). Its rock 'n' roll done with a contemporary twist and though the venue did nothing to compliment their sound, the crowd absolutely loved it and the band genuinely seemed to be have a good time as well and that's probably the most important thing.

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