Arctic Monkeys Debut Crying Lightning Video

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Arctic Monkeys 

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Brad Kelly

28th July 2009
At 19:30 GMT

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The newest and first single from Arctic Monkeys upcoming third LP 'Humbug' (read more about that HERE) is Crying Lightning and whilst we also confirmed that news HERE, it's only recently been given a video.

So here it is, their first new video in a while and probably their weirdest to date. Though the song portrays an atypical Arctic Monkeys story about a man fed up with a woman, the video decides to instead follow the band on the wide open, computer-generated sea. 

As each of the band members play their respective instrument on the tiniest of vessels, a storm kicks off, offering more questionable graphics and an overall strange choice of video for the lads (Paddy Considine isn't even featured once).

Babelgum have it, as well as the making of, so once you've given it a watch HERE, let us know what you thought by commenting below.

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