Shred Yr Face: A Video Look Through The Yrs

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Brad Kelly

06th November 2009
At 10:59 GMT

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In honour of Shred Yr Face and as part of our Shred Yr Face week here at Strange Glue, we've decided to take a visual look back at some of the fantastic SYF names that have toured together through the years.

Fucked Up, The Bronx, No Age, Los Campesinos!, Times New Viking and Rolo Tomassi have all toured under the SYF banner and considering Espers, Woods and The Cave Singers are the trio to be chosen this time around, well, we thought that was enough to celebrate, wouldn't you agree?

After our special Shred Yr Face Video Of The Week feature yesterday comes a collection of older videos featuring all of those previously mentioned bands as they toured the country in the name of SYF. Some are live performances, some are just the members hanging around backstage but all a definitely worth a watch so check them out and share your thoughts with us as always by commenting below.

We'll start you off with a lengthy chat between The Bronx, Fucked Up and Rolo Tomassi about the songs they think are a 'must-download' when they toured together for the Shred Yr Face 2 Tour.

Times New Viking are next up with a stand out performance alongside Shred Yr Face touring buddy Gareth of Los Campesinos!. It starts a bit blurry but stick with it, it sorts itself out after a moment.

Ever wanted to see No Age happier than a pair of children at Christmas? Well then look just below where they come across a rare Moog musical gem on their travels during their Shred Yr Face Tour.

No Age also performed the fantastic Eraser from their second album Nouns on their Manchester stop of the Shred Yr Face Tour. The recording is a little jumpy but the song is blissfully noisy.

The Bronx brought the noise on the SYF 2 Tour and this outstanding clip of them playing Knifeman from their 2008 self-titled L.P. A great performance and a great video.

To finish things off is a quick little clip of a drunken Adam of Times New Viking on Day 1 of their SYF outing talking about his experience so far. 

So there we have it then, six videos of some Shred Yr Face history for you to bite in to.


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