The Boxing Lesson - 'Brighter'

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The Boxing Lesson 

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Aidan Williamson

03rd October 2008
At 11:30 GMT

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Why do dates always end up this way? You're happily taking a romantic walk through the fields at night, then suddenly, you realise that said field is in fact a cemetery and you're about to be attacked by the shuffling dead. Typical!

The Boxing Lesson, from Austin, Texas share our collective pain. As such, they've handily created an impressive stop-motion video (using 7,000 still photographs) to depict the zombie attack which comes upon the hapless Paul and Jaylinn. Nevermind, we're sure, if they could just find their drummer, then they could unleash their fierce psychedelic rock upon the hell-beasts and save the day... or at least live until the day.

VIDEO: The Boxing Lesson - 'Brighter' (HQ YouTube version)

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