Video: Fleet Foxes - Mykonos

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Fleet Foxes 

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Brad Kelly

09th February 2009
At 12:07 GMT

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Look through your copy of Fleet Foxes self titled debut and you wont see this song anywhere on the track listing. Why you ask? How so?

If you knew of the Foxes before their debut release you probably would of heard or already own their Sun Giant EP which came out a few months before the LP. This particular song is from that EP and Holy Foxes Batman, it's amazing.

The video is similar to that of their previous single White Winter Hymnal in regards to the stop animation used but this release uses paper cut-outs instead of clay (Thanks to lead singer Robin Pecknold's brother Sean who created both). Swirling shapes and colours dot around the screen creating background and foregrounds that shift and fold around each other, turning into animals and landscapes within just a few moments. It's beautiful, creative and suits the galloping folk that plays gently behind.

Check it out below and tells us your thoughts in the comments section.

Fleet Foxes - Mykonos

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