VIDEO: Manchester Orchestra - 'Shake It Out'

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Manchester Orchestra 

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Brad Kelly

09th November 2009
At 16:39 GMT

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There's already been one video for the fantastic Manchester Orchestra track 'Shake It Out' and it slotted perfectly into place alongside the bands over-arcing story-line from their album 'Mean Everything To Nothing'.

They went on to make a video for every song from the new record, all of which were just as equally strange and metaphorical as the next. Oddly though, the band have decided to release a completely new video for Shake It Out (via their Myspace) that could well be in the running for best video of 2009.

There's nothing immediately brilliant about the video but the longer you watch and begin to understand the comical story-line, the more it becomes more hilarious to view. 

Frontman Andy Hull is a professional arm-wrestler and currently on the road with a young, suited child (possibly his 'manager' or possibly his son). He beats every single person in his way in a variety of different manners and comical celebrations and it's all giggles and silliness until the emotional break in the song where Hull heads out the back of a bar and calls his wife. It's a brilliant chuckle-killer and whilst we won't ruin the ending, let's just say that the entire four and a half-minutes is definitely one of our favourite moments from the year.

Check the video out just below and let us know what you think.

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