Video: Radiohead - House of Cards

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Ross Riley

20th July 2008
At 21:38 GMT

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It would be news if Radiohead didn't do something interesting with their video releases but the latest promo for House of Cards is one of the most innovative things they've attempted yet.

First of all there were no cameras used to record the video, instead data was collected from a number of lasers that rotate around a scene. The resulting data is then computer rendered to produce the visuals for the video.

Where is gets interesting is that the band have released both the raw data and a visualisation tool for everyone to use so in effect you can use it to compose your own version of the video. For the non geeks there is also a nice data viewer application that allows you to have limited interaction with the visuals by zooming and rotating the camera view.

Anyway this is in danger of becoming far too technical for a music site, we'll shut up and show you firstly:

The Video

The Making of Video

And finally here is a link to the visualisation tool (Flash required) which allows you to interact with the data.

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