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The Walkmen 

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Brad Kelly

21st August 2009
At 19:16 GMT

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The Walkmens 2008 long-player 'You & Me' was a fine piece of art and perhaps the bands strongest release to date.

We personally loved it (you can check our review of it HERE) with one of our favourite tracks from the LP being this exact song here, On The Water.

We were hoping they were going to make a video for it as it's atmosphere screams for a visual counterpart but, seriously, we weren't expecting anything even marginally close to this.

A camera sweeps through a CGI/animated night-time scene, circling a barn in the middle of a field before settling on two curious, shadowed rabbits. Innocent and care-free they hop around the crops, unaware that inside the barn, a farmer is already priming his rifle, gun in hand and dog at his heels.

It follows the music's atmospherical twists and turns flawlessly, exploding (literally) with colour at the end. The dimly-lit, ominous cinematography and ridiculously immersive mood makes for not only The Walkmens best video to date but also one of our favourites of 2009 so far.

Check it our below and let us know your thoughts on it by commenting at the bottom of the page.

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