Albums Out This Week: W/C 12th October 2009

Almost like the Blur vs. Oasis saga, Editors have been pitched a firm rivalry with Interpol through the pages of the media. Though brothers in sound, they must be rivals, it seems.

Our brothers are also suffering from an extreme bout of not-as-good-as-they-used-to-be-itis, a condition shared with New Order reinvention group Bad Lieutenant. Both Interpol and Editors have struggled to maintain the quality they first appeared on the scene with. Happily for them, their best albums were so mesmerising that they buy a whole lot of patience for a return-to-form.

Not that Oasis will care anymore, since Liam decided not to continue his band of session musicians. Noel has also made his decision official, leaving Oasis around 13 years after the rest of the world did. They did another album after ...Morning Glory, go figure.

Editors: In This Light And On This Evening

We used to love the Editors back in the day of The Back Room, however, enduring the experience of Tom Smith performing Papillon in the vein of a karaoke-nightmare is one of the many reasons why this album will be forgotten in nano-seconds. The album will also be released with an E.P titled Cuttings 2.

The Flaming Lips: Embryonic

Here at SG we would consider it almost inhumane to not listen to a new Flaming Lips record, after twenty years and twelve highly regarded albums these chaps easily deserve an hour of you day. With over twenty-seven tracks, this will be the first double album from The Flaming Lips and will also feature contributions from MGMT and Karen O. 

Baroness: Blue Record

Baroness' début record was titled Red Album and albeit a promising listen, the name could not be a more obvious or coincidental match to the vast range of Weezer album names. Hence the slight change in name structure for this album, however, don't expect many other changes, this quartet of rather insane musicians are still up to their sludge metal tricks. 

A Place to Bury Strangers: Exploding Head

New York trio A Place To Bury Strangers have only released one album prior to this full length, on their début we heard these folks create some serious noise using an alternative space-rock sound, a record that left us yearning for more. Two years later and we're blessed with a promising sophomore record which is set for release on Mute Records. 

Alasdair Roberts: The Wyrd Meme [EP]

Alasdair was born in Germany to a half German and half Scottish family, his father was the rather illustrious folk  artist Dougie MacLean who moved the family to central Scotland early in Alasdair's life. It seems that a Scottish up bringing has had quite an effect on his musical inspiration as we witness the young chap release yet another promising record experimenting in northern folk. 

Hush Arbors: Yankee Reality [Import]

Hush Arbors is the stage name that Keith Wood has been using since he started his musical career a few years back. Since then he's toured with many huge names such as Six Organs Of Admittance, Current 93 and even Sunburned Hand Of The Man. Yankee Reality will be the first of Keith's records to be released on the rather small Ecstatic Peace! records. 

Piano Magic: Ovations

Piano Magic have slipped past our well informed eyes for nine albums now and with a name such as Piano Magic, that's no surprise. However, after hearing a glimpse from their tenth record Ovations we were instantly drawn to their array of interesting sounds from  European folk to alternative indie. 

Zoey Van Goey: Cage Was Unlocked All Along

Bob Dylan: Christmas in the Heart

Just when you thought Bob Dylan had calmed down he releases yet another album, making Christmas At Heart his 34th full length release. This album will only be a collection of Christmas songs recorded by Mr. Bob and the proceedings will go to a couple of American charities.

Nosound: A Sense of Loss

We have a huge amount of respect for Italian collective NoSound,  they're experimental sound has produced some absolutely astonishing records and by the sounds of A sense Of Loss we're in store for another abundance of quality material. Their sound lays in the beautiful realm of post-rock and ambient music, a concoction that, when done well, will truly blow you away. 

Black Heart Procession: Six [Import]

As you guessed, Six will be the sixth album from Black Heart Procession and besides from the serious lack of imagination involved in that name, the actual album portrays a far more serious degree of music. These San Diego dwelling folks have churned out many great albums, most of which have been seriously under publicized, but with the success of their last album The Spell we hope this record will see some of the spotlight.  

Bad Lieutenant: Never Cry Another Tear

Bad Lieutenant formed back in 2007 when New Order's Bernard Summer formed the three man collective. Never Cry Another Tear will probably be  the first of many records from these old-timers and is set for release on Triple Echo records, a very small record label that was formed for artists such as Bad Lieutenant. 

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