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16th April 2009
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Long have the effects of being bludgeoned over the head been known to include memory loss. The rare instance of bank holidays is also a memory subterfuge agent didn't you know.

The sombre dwelling upon the sacrifice of the Easter Bunny giving up his chocolate when mounted upon the triangle has bumped our album releases rundown to Thursday. If it helps, it's still Wednesday in Honolulu.

Bereft of major releases once more, it is left to the little people to make the week interesting. While Silversun Pickups could be considered a big deal, they are going to need to start converting the hype into till rings. Lacking both hype and colossal receipts are Sweden's Jeniferever, who decide instead to exude talent. How dear of them.

Stórsveit Nix Noltes: Royal Family - Divorce

'Royal Family - Divorce' is that latest produce from eleven of Iceland's finest musicians other wise known as St√≥rsveit Nix Noltes. Their sound resides in a niche market to say the least, boasting inspiration from folk music in the Balkan area, these guys bask in their peculiar personality. Fatcat Records signed these gypsy loving folk just in time for the release of their highly anticipated album. 

Thunderheist : S/T

These chaps won the best music video award at the SxSW film festival for their efforts on 'Jerk It' which is also a track from their debut self titled album. Even after an intensive tour, orientated around SxSW, the duo will be touring across Europe and America until the end of May supporting their album release.. 

Bill Callahan: Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle

We used to know Bill by his stage name Smog, a name that saw him release eleven albums and many singles. Come '05 and Bill tired of his stage name therefore changing it back for the release of 'Woke On The Whaleheart' which was released back in '05. His latest album release will include only nine tracks of indie low-fi underground rock, Bill's speciality. 

Super Furry Animals: Dark Days/Light Years

Welsh rockers Super Furry Animals released their ninth album 'Dark Days/Light Years' via the band website back in March, they also used the websites streaming capabilities to play a live set for their listeners. The album will now be released through Rough Trade Records for a proper physical release. Unfortunately the track "Inaugral Trams" includes spoken German vocals from Franz Ferdinand's Nick McCarthy.

Silversun Pickups: Swoon

When a band as harmless and delightful as Silversun Pickups release a new album it instantaneously warrants a listen, who cares if the album wasn't perfect? Let's hope that the four Californians have evolved their sound beyond the basics of successful indie pop. For the people that couldn't wait or those with nothing better to do; the band allowed two singles from the album to be featured on that guitar hero game before the record was even released. 

Twisted Wheel: S/T

Some musicians prefer the writing and recording part of their lifestyle, were as others love the money and fame more, but rarely does any band enjoy touring half as much as Twisted Wheel! Even before the release of their debut self titled album these guys toured with Oasis, Ian Brown, The View, Pigeon Detectives, The Courteeners, Reverend & The Makers, Kasabian, The Rascals, The Coral & The Happy Mondays. Now that they actually have a record the band are set to headline their own tour along with several dates supporting The Enemy,Oasis and Paul Weller.

Jeniferever: Spring Tides

We've only had two albums and a few E.P's from Jeniferever's thirteen year existence, the Swedish four-piece have been boasting their post-rock talents in Europe recently with a rather large headline tour. Their last album was released on Drowned in Sound Recordings where as this latest release will go through Monotreme. 

Papercuts: You Can Have What You Want

 All the tracks from this record were recorded on to tape because, as Jason says, "it just sounds better". The album will be Jason Quever's second full-length on Gnomonsong, the first 'Can't Go Back' reaped wide approval from across the musical spectrum. let's hope he can do the same with the help from Beach House's Alex Scally and Graham Hill on this latest album. 

The Von Bondies: Love Hate and Then There's You

The Von Bondies released their latest and third studio album in February on American turf, the record will be the bands first for Majordono records. However, the record hasn't been as successful as their last album, which is made obvious by the mediocre reviews from across the board. 

Trouble Books: The United Colors of Trouble Books

Trouble Books are a relatively small band from Ohio, They've given us a few quality album's yet still struggle to establish their ambient pop sensibilities. The latest album was recorded last year and has been released world wide, so we've got high expectations for these guys. 

Soap & Skin: Lovetune for Vacuum

This album has already been released in Switzerland, Germany and Soap & Skin's home-country Austria last year. There is also one track from the album that has already been released on British shores called 'Spiracle'. 

I See Stars: 3D

I See Stars have racked up over five million MySpace views, five million from a band that are yet to release any material? Sounds like there's a lot of money involved to us. Yes, you guessed it, these guys are just the next pop-punk, pseudo-hardcore juveniles put here solely to pollute the minds of innocent teenagers. Oh.. and they're releasing a debut or something.  Set your phasers to suicide.

The Felice Brothers: Yonder is the Clock

You can download a track from The Felice brother's new album via the Team Love Records website, the track is called 'Run Chicken Run' and is completely free. Front-man Simone Felice said the album was "our proudest effort to date". 

The Derek Trucks Band: Already Free

Derek has been performing as a professional since he was 9 years old, he has one plenty of awards and earned a reputation that only a few musicians have managed to accumulate. His band invested in a home-studio which was built in January of '08, an investment that allowed them to write and record 'Already Free' in one year. A few of the singles have already broken personal chart records for the band with two number ones so far. 

Death Cab For Cutie: The Open Door EP

Death Cab have turned plenty of heads in the past year, their last album 'Narrow Stairs' earned them plenty of new fans but trembled the hearts of every devoted follower. The band used their auto-pilot ability for one song too many resulting in a mediocre album. We're not saying Death Cab are any sell-outs or pop-stars simply that they are teetering on the edge of boring unoriginal music. However, the songs are actually left over from the recording of Narrow Stairs and weren't included due to "not fitting with the album's overall feel", lets hope that by feel they mean bad-tedious-pop. 

Lady Sovereign: Jigsaw

There's plenty of rappers or MCs in and around London, but as far as British white female rappers go... Lady sovereign's the only one. As the only lady in the grime scene Louise Amanda Herman has some what dominated the ears of every troubled teenager emanating from London. Yet in late 2008 she was dropped from two of her labels Island and Def Jam, so all that remains now is her deal with EMI who are making her second album available exclusively through iTunes. 

Madeleine Peyroux: Bare Bones

Born in America Madeline was raised like a hippie nomad moving from city to city with her bohemian parents who later settled in France with Madeleine. Since then she has given us four great albums that have all received respectful publicity and approval. Her fifth record 'Bare Bones' was recorded last year and released in the states back in March, the album includes eleven tracks and collaborations with seven other artists. 

In This Moment: The Dream

Los Angeles bred metal heads In The Moment have given us one album since their formation in, their second 'The Dream' was already released in America  last year and debuted at #70 on the Billboard Top 200 chart with first week sales of more than 8,000 copies. The biggest difference between the two albums is Maria Brinks lack of screamo vocals in the sophomore record, the vocals are generally a lot cleaner. 

Kittens Ablaze: The Monstrous Vanguard

This rather lively six-piece folk collection have been around since '07 and they like to take things seriously; the chaps self-produced their first E.P and debut album in October of '07 which was then released via the Murcury Lounge in '09 with the help of Nic Hard  who has also worked with The Bravery. The band then followed up their release by showcasing the new material at SxSW this year. 

Data Select Party: Hanging Out With Humans

London dwelling collective Data Select Party released their debut mini-album in America a couple of moths back. Apparently these four chaps combine "indie punk rock and classic bar tunes", a concoction that has already brewed one very successful single 'No Girls Allowed' in '08. 

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