Albums Out This Week: W/C 21st September 2009

Why is Mika on here? We're looking at you SG staff, it's something of an insult to such quality artists as Dizzee... ahh, nevermind.

Brand New and Monsters of Folk will be competing this week for the hearts of the sensitive rock crowd the world over. The only problem is that MoF - the collaborative venture of Conor Oberst, Mike Mogis, Jim James and M. Ward - isn't likely to make any fans wet themselves. Score one to Brand New.

No-fi pin-ups Times New Viking also have a new album this week. Perfect for those of us who want to recreate the mood of listening to catchy indie-pop songs on an AM radio in the darkest recesses of the Arctic Circle.

Mika: The Boy Who Knew Too Much

The overly camp and even more so annoying Mika exploded onto the international scene only a few years back. Accompanied by a plethora of publicity and more specifically, radio time, so much so that we now despise the young Lebanese singer and everyone of his dull thoughtless songs. 

Dizzee Rascal: Tongue N Cheek

The days of the successful and innovative Rascal are over... Boy In The Corner seems to be the only album from Dizzee that will ever earn kudos for from those capable of intelligent thought. The ex-grime artist has lost every ounce of ingenuity he once possessed, instead he now raps like an uneducated 13 year-old kid on speed. Great if you're in your early teens and happen to like drugs.

Monsters Of Folk: S/T

Now this is a debut record worth getting excited about; Monsters Of Folk consists of a banding of very illustrious musicians including Conor Oberst and Mike Mogis from Bright Eyes, Jim James from My Morning Jacket and the marvelous M. Ward. This will be the first chance that the four chaps have had to experiment with their folk talents. Sound the alarm, there's an explosion brewing in the genius factory.

Brand New: Daisy

Likely something of a shock to those late to the game for the awesomitude that is Brand New. Daisy sees them shedding their image as quirky yet nice, acoustic troubadours in favour of a band on the edge, shredding voice, shredding guitars in one mind-numbingly complex yet semi-accessible masterpiece.

Volcano Choir: Unmap

Bon Iver has had a serious influence on the music industry over the past year, it seems that his material opened the flood gates for folk music. Justin was joined by a few old friends to record this debut record, and you can be assured that the music will surpass even the highest expectations. 

Times New Viking: Born Again Revisited

American trio Times New Viking produce a rather intriguing sound, blending noise pop with rock their material can take quite a time to adjust to. However after the initial shock, this band will prove to create some pretty awesome rhythms. This will be their fourth album to date, following on from the warmly-received Rip It Off.

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis: White Lunar

Nice Cave and long-time friend Warren Hills are one collective that warrant a listen from everyone, their music has influenced millions and created twice as many smiles. This record has already had a few spins in the SG office, our initial reaction runs along the lines of: Cave + Hills = Chills.

One EskimO: S/T

London-based One EskimO have only released one EP prior to this ten track debut  which one of our reviewers described as an "[a]lleyway of dullness, gloom and squandered opportunity". The record lacks some serious quality, however, they do say that there's someone out there for everybody.

Five Finger Death Punch: War is the Answer

Named after the death blow from Tarantino's 'Kill Bill: Vol. II', this L.A-based heavy metal band bring their artillery around for a second barrage of fire. Working with the technicians behind the work of Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica and Stone Sour the band finally got the album finished after it was bumped from its original July release date.

Alberta Cross: Broken Side of Time

Blues-influenced rock band Alberta Cross have quickly built up a solid reputation despite having only mini-album The Thief and the Heartbreaker to their name thus far. All that changes with the arrival of d├ębut full-length Broken Side of Time. Oft compared to Kings of Leon and The Raconteurs, they'll be hoping for similar good fortune.

O+S: s/t

Emanating from the mind-hole of Azure Ray's Orenda Fink and Remy Zero's Cedric 'Scapelist' LeMoyne, this new indie-pop duo have already got themselves signed to the famed Saddle Creek label, joining the select few on the label who were not born and raised in Omaha. They also join the group 'bands who it's a pain in the backside to google'.

The Molotovs: And the Heads Did Roll

A six-track mini-album is in the offing from this London-based alternative-pop band. Citing Sinatra, Eno, Marc Bolan and The Walkmen as influences, the boys will be on the road until the end of October, so keep those peepers peeled, or perhaps an expression less disgusting when taken literally.

Three Days Grace: Life Starts Now

Finally, some news concerning Canadian bands & artists that people actually care about. Being neither from Sum 41 or Avril LaSkank's revolving door backing band may put these guys at a logistical disadvantage in terms of press coverage, but this, their third album together, proves that not all Canadians are afraid of the dark.

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