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29th June 2009
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Meg White has done many a great thing in her life, but for Kate Moss, it's something entirely new. Both of them likely contributed to the formation of The Dead Weather.

First there was White with her inability to perform live which led partner-in-Stripes Jack White to seek alternative fulfilment. Then came the succubus Kate Moss who latched on to The Kills' Jamie Hince and convinced him to write, record and perform with her instead, leaving fellow Kills-er Alison Mosshart also at a loose end. Thus Dead Weather was born!

Elsewhere we see the return of the old guard. Wilco and The Tragically Hip both make their returns this week with a collective forty-years in the music game. We could also say something about Killswitch Engage, but our mother said that if you can't say anything nice, you shouldn't say anything at all.

The Dead Weather: Horehound

Well, The Dead Weather hey.. You must already know about this little enterprise, one huge concoction of ego diluted with a dash of rock 'n' roll. We've been anticipating this album for a while now along with the rest of the western population and we're slowly growing less confident that anything will touch the bar that Queens and White Stripes have set. 

Wilco: S/T

It's been two long years since Wilco's last release, but we're sure you'll be happy with the wait after one listen of this awesome record. Their first ever collaboration will be with Feist for one of the eleven tracks on the album all which were produced by Wilco's own Jim Scott with the help of a few other respectable names. 

Hockey: Mind Chaos

After self-releasing their Mind Chaos E.P last year, Hockey have accumulated a lot of publicity from names such as Zane Lowe and Capitol Records who signed them at the end of last year. The American collective decided to share the E.P name with their début album which was originally planed for release later in the year. 

The Tragically Hip: We Are The Same

In a long 25 year career The Tragically Hip have achieved a monumental amount, including 11 great records which racked up a total of 14 Juno awards and the record for most Canadian chart toppers with eight of the albums reaching No.1. We Are The Same has already met the standards of previous albums in Canada since it was released in April.

Riceboy Sleeps: S/T

It's safe to say that we'd be interested in any band that spawned from the illustrious Sigor Rós, this spawn comes in the form of a homosexual couple one half of which is singer Jón Þór Birgisson. The album is purely acoustic instrumentation and you may have already heard the first track Happiness from the Dark Was The Night compilation. 

Slow Club: Yeah So?

Yeah So will be the début record from Sheffield duo Slow Club, after a long two years of touring and recording the band have built a fortress of recognition. The fortress currently resides in North America along with Slow club's biggest fan-base, however, the foundations to a second have already been laid on British shores. 

Killswitch Engage: S/T

Just to confuse anyone that wasn't already baffled by Killswitch Engage's history; they'll be releasing a second selt-titled album leaving us to the only conclusion that it's all on purpose, we're subject to a joke here, or just present to a band that has a serious lack of imagination. For any that disagree.. you're probably a huge fan and would appreciate knowing that there's lots of extra material to be found with this release, including 5 bonus tracks and 2 DVDs. 

Jack Savoretti: Harder Than Easy

An unbelievable amount of prestigious names helped record Savoretti's second album Harder Than Easy, including The Counting Crows, James Morrison's band The Suppliers, Tom Waits and producer Jack Joseph Puig who's most recognized for his work with U2, Snow patrol and The Klaxons. Although, mere names never really impressed us, especially the Klaxons.

Yonlu : A Society in Which No Tear Is Shed Is Inconceivably Mediocre

16 year-old Vinicius Gageiro Marques lived in Brazil for his short but significant life, he also spent most of his time recording music from a home made studio under the alias of Yonlu, and the rest of his time contributing to the music community. As an emotionally troubled child, Vinicius committed suicide not long ago but his music is still lurking about the internet on forums that he contributed towards such as HERE

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