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29th September 2008
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A surprising week for mid-range releases this is. Stop speaking like Yoda we will. With albums coming thick and fast from the cream of the Stateside underground we get the adrenaline courtesy of Innerpartysystem (interview here), heartfelt alternative pop from Jack's Mannequin and a healthy amount of guitar acrobatics from Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello in his guise The Nightwatchman.

If none of that sounds interesting, there's always major homegrown releases from Travis, that's if you've forgiven them for the completely media-saturation of 'Why Does It Always Rain on Me'... why, because God hates you, that's why, or possibly because your arch-nemesis is in control of the weather. Lesson to the wise... don't annoy Michael Fish.

We should also mention the long-awaited debut from the perennially-compared-to-Arcade Fire band Ra Ra Riot. Always the same, use a violin and a cello; you're the Arcade Fire. Begin the conversations about the benefits and pitfalls of 'buzz bands' now.

James Morrison: Songs For You, Truths For Me

When you say a singer has 'a voice to die for', it's usually an enthusiastic metaphor. With James Morrison (no relation) though, it's his history. Struck down with an almost fatal bout of whooping cough in his infancy he accredits that peril with his distinctive sound. The Brighton-based songwriter soldiers on regardless with his second full-length album which features a guest appearance by Nelly Furtado.

Seasick Steve : I Started Out With Nothin' and I Still Got Most of It Left

Hailing from the West coast of America, Seasick Steve (Wold) is a much beloved man of the blues. His third album - his first for Warner Bros. - sees him paired with Ruby Turner, Grinderman and KT Tunstall.

Trivium : Shogun

Describing their fourth album together, guitarist and backing vocalist Corey Beaulieu explained: "We want to capture the best ingredients of everything we've done. Each song has a little bit of everything, going between something heavy and then melodic, and then back to something heavy. So it has a really interesting balance. On 'The Crusade', Matt [Heafy - lead vocalist] did almost all singing, so this time we're bringing back some of the screaming that's on 'Ascendancy'".

Travis: Ode To J. Smith

Despite a subsidence in their popularity in recent years, the Scottish alternative rock band are still going strong. Now working under their own record label distributed by Fontana Records, maybe the quartet will be getting some of that attention back again.

Ben Folds: Way To Normal

Approaching piracy with a sense of humour and creativity is something you don't see much of nowadays. For his third solo album Folds decided to spend a night recording bizarre pop songs and leak them to the public of being the real "Way To Normal" album. Let's just hope that people don't prefer the fakes to the real thing then.

Mercury Rev : Snowflake Midnight

Much beloved by the high-brow media, Mercury Rev have been quietly working on their ethereal dreamy-pop music. Their seventh album together, it was recorded in tandem with the freely-distributed MP3 album "Strange Attractor".

Bring Me The Horizon : Suicide Season

Perhaps not the most respected metalcore band in the world, Bring Me the Horizon throw subtlety to the wall with 'that' album cover. We'd hazard a guess that it contains lots of screaming about the evil gender that is female.

The Aliens: Luna

"Luna" is the second album from the Scottish psychedelic rock band. It was preceded by the single "Magic Man" one week ago. Released via the band's own label Pet Rock Records.

The Walkmen: You & Me

The United States have head over a month headstart on this, the fourth album from NYC indie stalwarts The Walkmen. The album was also available via an exclusive pre-release download on indie website Arnie Street with all proceeds going to the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre.

Anberlin: New Surrender

Experts at the feat of composing catchy, genuine pop-rock songs, the boys enter the world of the major label for album number four. Despite being released five years ago, the chorus to "Change the World (Lost Ones)" shows no sign of leaving our heads.

Sam Isaac: Sticker, Star And Tape E.P

Another U.K based acoustic indie songwriter vying for your attention. This five-track E.P is being released by Alcopop Records, which we presume means you love the album in the evening but the mere sight of it the next morning makes you want to be sick. It's all in the name people.

Jim White: Wrong Eyed Jesus

A re-release of his 1997 album, Jimmy White makes a startling break from his former career as a professional snooker player. White specialises in the kind of alternative country which quickly captures people's heart. It's also likely that it's not the same Jim White we may have thought it was.

The Human Abstract: Midheaven

Somewhat troubled in its production, "Midheaven" saw two members ousted from The Human Abstract. First up was lead guitarist A.J. Minette who decided that he didn't wish to play metal music anymore. Next up was bassist Mike Nordeen who had all his work re-recorded by another bass player and was then presumably sacked from the band at the behest of producer Leonard Simone. Never take friendship personal indeed.

Romance Of Young Tigers: I Have Supped Full On Horrors

The third pressing of Ohio psychedelic rock band Romance of the Young Tigers makes its way to the shops. The band have just finished up a split with Pyramids, sadly not the best band by that name (We refer of course to the band behind "Following the Tracks, Forcing Motion Through Phases") but not the worst to carry the Pyramids name.

Mamiffer: Hirror Enniffer

The second band with an album out this week to have a split E.P with Hydra Head's Pyramids in the works.

Jack's Mannequin: The Glass Passenger

I am Jack's Mannequin. I gave Jack cancer, but he battled through it and gave us a seriously impressive second album. Piano-led rock from the man behind Something Corporate.

Ra Ra Riot: The Rhumb Line

''The Rhumb Line'' is the debut LP from the indie rock new comers Ra Ra Riot. Despite being tainted by the tragic loss of the drummer John Pike, "The Rhumb Line" looks set to justify the increasing fanfare surrounding the band.The album was recorded under Ryan HadlockBarsuk Records.

Innerpartysystem: s/t

After their blistering set at 2008's SxSW festival we felt compelled to bring the dance-rock boys in for a Strange Glue Showcase. Intelligent, meaningful and as catchy as something very contagious indeed, Innerpartysystem will make you fall in love with Big Brother all over again (and if you think we mean the reality TV show, feel free to go shoot yourself in the face).

The Nightwatchman: The Fabled City

Tom Morello, of Rage Against the Machine fame released solo album number two. Expects lots of seriously impressive guitar playing. With guest performances from System of a Down's Serj Tankian the 'Axis of Justice' is reunited.

Dear and the Headlights: Drunk Like Bible Times

Downbeat alternative indie doesn't much more impressive than this Arizonian quintet. Came criminally close to jacking it all in before they even got started, thankfully the boys are now releasing their second album with little sign of stopping now.

Polysics: We Ate the Machine

Almost six months old in their home country of Japan. "We Ate the Machine" finally gets its U.S release. Now signed to MySpace Records in the States, the bizarre geniuses of glitch-rock bring us all album number eight. Start learning the choreography now!

Crime In Stereo: Selective Wreckage

The cast-offs from the time between 2006's "Troubled Stateside" and 2007's "...Is Dead" finally find themselves a home. Raw hardcore-punk at its finest.

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