ATP Vs. Pitchfork Live: Les Savy Fav

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Gavin Riley

13th May 2008
At 22:40 GMT

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It would take the length of a broadsheet newspaper to fully explain the events and goings-on of a Les Savy Fav gig, and tonight, their unpredictability knows no bounds.

Frontman Tim Harrington, dressed in all white, comes onto stage to a baying crowd. Within minutes, he is shrieking his lines into the mic, while dousing those down the front (and a few photographers) with water vomited from his mouth.

Surprisingly no one minds, and the off-the-hook behaviour continues throughout a set dominated by tracks from last year's 'Lets Stay Friends' LP.

At one point he singles out a man dressed in a pink panther costume to come onto stage. After riding on his back for a minute he commandeers the outfit for himself, promising to reimburse the punter after realising it was at least three sizes too small.

Kudos too must go to the remaining three members of Les Savy Fav, who manage to keep up with the dynamic stage presence of Harrington.

To say this show was entertaining, would be the biggest understatement of the year. It just goes to show that if you shove a pink panther suit on a bearded fat man, you just can't go wrong.

Live Pics from the Show

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