Black Lips Get Kicked Out Of India

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Brad Kelly

03rd February 2009
At 16:02 GMT

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And so the story unfolds like this:

The Black Lips were set to play on India's equivalent of our Pop Idol/American Idol/ X Factor (dubbed "Campus Rock Idol") which, like over here and state side is a pretty huge deal, replete with big name sponsors and was obviously recorded for Indian television. The show had a "Campus Rock Idol Tour" coinciding with it and the Black Lips were invited to come along for the journey.

We're not sure if you've ever been to a Black Lips gig before but for the record, the band are rather...naughty? Lets just say licking, kissing, nudity and other such antics are considered part of every show...

So the band are in India, on stage, playing their ever so arty but every so catchy alternative rock and engaging in all sorts of on-stage "Black Lip" fun that includes some instruments played with a penis, some crowd mooning and more than just a few fleeting same sex kisses.

So of course the band were chased out of the country, the show subsequently pulled off the air and the entire tour effectively cancelled. Nice one guys!

And so of course there's a documentary like video being released by who captured everything that happened before the event, during and after and we've got the trailer right here.

Bare in mind the video is Not Safe For Work so if you've got intrusive colleagues, we'd save this until you get home.

The group are now back in Europe and heading out on their UK Tour (related SG article HERE) which is set to promote their upcoming album 200 Million Thousand due March 16th.

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