Clap Your Hands Say No?

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Brad Kelly

21st January 2009
At 16:35 GMT

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Fantastically unique Brooklyn based group Clap Your Hands Say Yeah have recently abandoned their plans to head back into the studio together. This news, amongst previous speculation of an imminent break up has only fuelled the churning rumour mill around the band.

Speaking to NME, Nick Stern (part of the band management) stated that "It's true that Clap Your Hands Say Yeah have decided not to go back into the studio at this time while the guys work on other projects" but also commented on the aforementioned rumours of a complete split, explaining that they were "probably reading a bit too much into things".

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah have so far released 2 fantastic albums, their eponymous 2005 debut and their 2007 sophomore LP Some Loud Thunder. Best known for their individual vocals and lyrics, CYHSY have remained a prominent name in the underground Indie/Alternative scene and have produced some of the finest songs over the last few years.

The band have one more show in the pipeline at New York's BAM on February 13th which unfortunately looks to be their last forseeable gig.

However rose coloured you want to look at this, we can't help but feel that this is just typical management cover up for an impending "hiatus" and possible, eventual split. It's such a shame that brilliant bands such as CYHSY only get a short run before internal or label based troubles.

Here's hoping we see at least one more album (B-Sides?) from these guys.

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