Exodus Of Lily Allen Talk Show

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Aidan Williamson

11th February 2008
At 10:48 GMT

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We'll be there for you, when the rain starts to pour. We'll be there for you, 'Cause you're there for us too... Now, if only such heart warming words applied to MySpace friends.

150 of Lily Allen's social networking buddies were invited along to the taping of her new talk show. Approximately 50 of them left the Pinewood Studios set on Friday night citing extreme boredom. The celebrity guests appeared equally unimpressed with the 22 year old singer as well.

The trouble started with the breakdown of the studios Autocue machine which left Allen struggling to read her lines off handwritten cue cards, it likely didn't help that most of the jokes written for the show were about as funny as Cancer either.

One audience member said: "Everyone really, really wanted it to work for Lily. She is such a lovely person but all the jokes fell flat and she seemed very nervous... It just did not work. I do think she's got a nice voice but she didn't sing at all. I think everyone was expecting she would."

We can see her point, if there's one thing you absolutely expect from a talk show, on the very top of our list would be singing. Appearing on the show in a guest faculty was Cuba Gooding Jr. who seemed somewhat aghast when shown footage of animals in the act of physical love. He commented "I don't know what's sicker, animals having sex or you clapping."

Personally, we don't know what's sicker. Shameless exploitation of a national tragedy which shoehorned in a completely ridiculous romantic sub-plot which culminated in one of the characters dying in a crucifix position. Or Norbit. Both featuring Cuba Gooding Jr..

You can see the salvage efforts yourself for "Lily Allen And (the remaining number of her) Friends" debuts tonight on BBC3 at 22:30pm.

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