Fan Fury As Weather Plays Havoc At Gatecrasher

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Mark Thomson

26th May 2008
At 19:15 GMT

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The Chemical Brothers and Hot Chip were among a host of bands forced to cancel their scheduled appearances at the Gatecrasher Festival yesterday after rain lashed down upon the Main Stage.

Fans have vented their fury at the lack of communication which saw all Main Stage bands switched to the smaller tents at short notice. Organisers were forced to pull the Chemical Brothers all together, for fear of over-crowding.

One fan on the Gatecrasher messageboard described the communication as "an absolute joke", with the small amount of information that did get through "completely misleading".

"For a while they were saying Hot Chip, Pendulum and Chemical Brothers would definitely be on. Then just Pendulum & Chemicals. Then Pendulum have been moved, but "we don't know what tent or what time" - but they were still saying that the Chemicals would definitely still be on the main stage", they added.

Other festival-goers asked why there was no apparent plan for the chaotic weather forecast, with others asking how to go about obtaining refunds.

Meanwhile, Hot Chip issued a statement on their website for fans who missed out on their set, apologising for the short-notice cancellation:

"The stage was deemed unsafe by our technical crew, and it looked like any performance would have been short lived, as our equipment would soon have short-circuited in the rainy conditions, with the additional possibility/probability of our good selves receiving hefty electric shocks. So after long deliberation we had to cancel the show, and we were not alone in making this decision, as I believe other bands also could not play the main stage."

The festival also suffered tragedy the day before, after a man was found dead in a tent at the festival on Saturday. Police are investigating the death, with a post-mortem examination being held later this week.

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