Gallows Chopped From Warner Bros.

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Aidan Williamson

11th January 2010
At 13:45 GMT

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Britain's angriest punk band have both a cause for mourning and celebration in the new year with news that Gallows have been dropped from the Warner Bros. roster.

The band - who were paid a £1,000,000 advance - seem to be the victim of "low record sales" despite the fact that they were becoming a household name in both the U.K and the U.S. Despite the rave reviews the band's second album Grey Britain received the accountants report that only 20,000 copies were shifted in Britain, with a further 50,000 being snapped up overseas.

Predicting the end result, front-man Frank Carter said one year ago that "We are the British music industry's biggest mistake." Nonetheless, the boys got to tour the world, make a sophomore album even crazier than their first (hello, recorded pig slaughter) and benefited from increased promotion without being labelled as corporate sell-outs. Not bad work.

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