Hear Vampire Weekend's 'Contra' Now

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Vampire Weekend 

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Brad Kelly

04th January 2010
At 12:19 GMT

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The hype preceding Vampire Weekend's follow-up record to their self-titled 2008 d├ębut has been palpable to say the least.

Due in just one weeks time, Contra has been the music-world's buzz word since the band announced it's release date in September of last year. Now, with just seven days (eight for the US) to go until it officially hits shelves, it seems the band can no longer wait to share it with the world and have upped the entire thing on their Myspace page where you can stream it for absolutely no charge.

Whether it's a sophomore slump or a classic in waiting is still unclear to us as yet but what we will say is this; it sure sounds like Vampire Weekend (helpful aren't we?).

Right, what are you waiting for then? Give it a listen or ten and then come back and let us know what you think.

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