Idlewild To Play Entire Discography In London

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Brad Kelly

16th February 2009
At 16:58 GMT

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They did it back in December in Glasgow and they're doing it again this year in London. Oh, how we love Idlewild.

The band will play two albums each night across three consecutive days in May at the Camden Dingwalls so if you have any taste in alternative music then beg, steal or borrow yourself a ticket as soon as possible.

Their newest record will be played in full on the first night (May 19th) which is sure to be a rather special occasion for both fans and the band themselves. If you want to see the entire thing then 100 Three Day tickets are available at £40 each so if we were you, we'd be getting our credit card details ready this very second.

Check below for the dates and respective albums being played.

Idlewild Tour:

19 - London Dingwalls - Hope Is Important / New Album

20 - London Dingwalls - 100 Broken Windows / Warnings/Promises

21 - London Dingwalls - The Remote Part / Make Another World

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