Johnny Foreigner Release Statement About Stolen Microphone

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Brad Kelly

15th October 2009
At 21:09 GMT

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Last night Johnny Foreigner played a typically hyperactive show at the Leeds Brudenell Social Club and after what seemed like another successful gig, the night turned a little sour after singer Alexei was robbed of his microphone.

In a statement released by the band asking for the equipment back, they explain how the mic was actually stolen from his hand as he crowd surfed during a song. It's also definitely one of the best appeal to fans we've read in a long while.

The statement reads:

"Hi, yesterday was the most YAY!!!/NO!! off our most YAY!!/NO!! tour yet. Parking tickets and powercuts and our guitars/amps/shoes falling apart, that was a point at the end of the show where I was floating around on my back in the top of the audience with a big dumb smile realising that all this is probably worth it. And then someone robbed my microphone and sort of tarnished the evening. Im sick of whining musicians so I'll not dwell on us being another 100 quid down, but the sentimental value of that sm58 to the person who trustingly lent it to me isn't something we can replace by jacking up shirt prices or not eating for a couple of days. If you know our band, then you'll know which we'd sooner do, and the love in the room last night was proof to us that we're justified in skinting ourselves to do this band. I reckon some drunk kidlet took it in revenge for having to wait round while the venue fixed it's flux capacitor. well done, you really showed them. We're doing a free show in December, it'll probably be billed as an apology for last night but really we just love what we do, any excuse. If you bring us the severed head of the guy who robbed our mic, we'll give you our gin. We won't have much else to offer any more. Thx leeds, 99percent of you are wonderful xxx"

If you know anything or were at the gig and saw something, please email or with your information.

Here's hoping they get their mic back.

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