Killers Cancel Asian Tour, Look Set To Split

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The Killers 

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Aidan Williamson

25th January 2010
At 10:22 GMT

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You may have heard recently that The Killers were planning on an 'indefinite hiatus' following completion of their tour dates which are booked through until February.

Well, that tour date list has just got a lot shorter now that the band have decided to axe all of their shows in Asia. The band posted an announcement at the weekend on their official website reading thusly:

“The Killers have been forced to cancel their appearances in Singapore, Beijing, Hong Kong, Manila, Tokyo and Seoul due to unforeseen circumstances. The band deeply apologizes to their fans and hope to reschedule their shows in these cities soon. At this time the bands Australian appearances remain scheduled as planned.”

The words "at this time" is likely to set off alarm bells that the band plan to jettison the Australian dates and make the 'indefinite hiatus' a permanent split, although we're somewhat lost as to the difference between the two terms.

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